New KTwo Roade Curve Trailer

the KTWO ROADEO CURVE 1600 becomes our latest new addition The Ktwo Roadeo Curve range of tipping trailers come with a high standard specification.Featuring large cubic capacities, along with a high tensile steel body to reduce overall weight whilst maintaining maximum strength the Roadeo Curve 1600 features: A hydraulic back door, sprung draw bar, swivel hitch, 560 flotation […]

New Agrispreader AS65

we’ve added the Agrispreader AS65 to our fleet The Agrispread range of the spreaders are capable of spreading a wide range of materials including lime, fertilizer, fibrophos, sand, salt and poultry waste. We went for a AS65 special build for use. With isobus rate control, weight cells for dynamic calibration, all stainless steel build, flotation tyres, […]

New SlurryKat Tanker

introducing our new SlurryKat Slurry Tanker with Trailing Shoe Injectors Another new addition to our fleet, the SlurryKat Slurry Tanker is complete with with Multi Award Winning spreading technology equipment and a Flow Meter. The 3000g Premium Plus Tandem Tanker has an award winning 7.5m Trailing Shoe – allowing us to offer flexible, industry leading slurry spreading services. […]

Introducing Baling Services

We’re now offering baling services with our new Comprima F 150 XC X-treme Baler We’re excited to announce the arrival of our Comprima F 150 XC X-treme Baler. Allowing us to offer baling services in the Huddersfield area.We’ve already got our new toy out on a couple of jobs locally, and finding it a great addition […]